Thanksgiving Harvest Table Setting

Thanksgiving is HERE!!!

Last week a friend asked me what my biggest pet peeve was… I think I’m the weirdest person in the world (unless by some miracle someone can relate to me) because I literally go low-key insane when I’m expected to sit and eat at an un-set table. I told you- weird. BUT IT’S TRUE! There is nothing I love more than a beautiful meal, with beautiful people, around a beautiful table! And if the chairs aren’t straight, or the plates aren’t centered it just bugs me. Making a table look just as wonderful as the meal is honestly one of the most satisfying things in the world! Lucky for me, we have officially hit the holiday season, and I have more of an excuse than ever to go all out on our table settings!

This Thanksgiving I wanted to bring the outside warmth of Autumn inside to our dinner table. Gold accents, pops of purple and orange were obvious must-haves, and decorating with fresh leaves was definitely a give-in. Thanks to my mom with a killer eye for all things fun and festive, we were able to find the perfect plates and the cutest dusty-blue chargers for the place settings.

Now, y’all know how much our family loves our food! And you know when we all get together with just our immediately family it’s automatically like 20 people! I really wanted to find pretty gold or copper silverware that would be affordable for a large family or event, and I totally scored on these Target PLASTIC utensils! They look totally real and are a great way to dress up a classy dinner table without spending your entire budget on a couple of forks. Who would’ve known?!

Cloth napkins and funky napkin rings can create a beautiful final touch to each individual place setting. When guests or family sit down to share a meal together, it’s those thoughtful details that make them feel right at home and special. Sometimes it’s just fun to feel a little fancy and make your guests feel important!

Mood lighting. Foliage. Check.

I may or may not have raided a local flower shop (aka a cold giant fridge) to find the perfect large leaf runner I was looking for. The giant green plant is a beautiful leafy stem from a flower called ‘Camellia’ and the dark purple leaves are a tinted, seeded Eucalyptus plant. Playing with greenery, and even floral arrangements, for any occasion and gathering will transform the entire feeling of your home. It gives life and energy to your set-up before you even open the doors to your guests and family. If it looks vibrant, it will feel vibrant.

Linen table runners, and mini gold votive candles pair nicely with crystal goblets and matte candelabras. Hit the outdoors, or find a box of assorted leaves and pine cones like I did, at any craft or home goods store and you are ready to go!


I may or may not have filled a box of little trinkets and candles from my mother’s bookshelves and cabinets to bring to this Thanksgiving table. Ha!

It’s easy to get creative with things you can find around the house, or borrow from friends and family without having to buy all new stuff for each holiday meal! Keep a lookout for little finds you can pair with your table setting next time you host an event. You’d be surprised how many things will work that you already have laying around your house!

Sit, relax, talk, and stay awhile with the people you love this Thanksgiving. Gather in a beautiful environment to enjoy your bountiful blessings together, and take a moment to give your undivided attention to your friends and family as you share a meal of thanksgiving with each other. That’s what this season is about- giving thanks, and sharing love.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! May it be festive and delicious, and a beautiful memory for years to come! We love you all!

(I found lots of amazing holiday home and table decor in stores like TJMaxx, Target, HomeGoods, Pier1 Imports, and in local floral shops and craft stores in my area.)

Get inspired and show us what you come up with for your next holiday gathering! We would love to see it!

<3 Mandi

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  • Mandy, this is lovely! You did a great job!! I’m Brazilian, so I’ve never celebrated Thanksgiving 🙁 but I love to see how you guys prepare yourselves for the holidays!!
    Pleeeeease tell me we’re gonna have another Christmas special from the Gardiner Sisters this year!!!

  • Howdy Mandi! You definitely did an amazing job, your quite the decorator! I think it’s great that you find stuff around the house to use instead off buying everything, also the wooden table is beautiful!