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One of the most certain ways we can find happiness in our daily lives is by actively looking for ways to serve others and to give back! I have been lifted countless times by small acts of kindness and service from people I know personally as well as from complete strangers. Being on the receiving end of kindness motivates you to pay it forward, to look for someone in need, and to put the needs of others above your own.

Krochet Kids International was started as an effort to provide women living in the third world with the necessary skills to enable them to lift themselves out of poverty and provide their families with a greater future. When I bought my first KK beanie, I found the name of the woman who had patiently crocheted it written on the tag and immediately felt connected to her! Someone I had never met who lived across the world had spent time creating an item of clothing that I could wear, and in turn was able to make a living and provide for herself and her family.

Krochet Kids allows you to thank the women who made your purchase through an online form on their website. How sweet is that?! You can actually look her up by name, find her photo, and send her a little note in thanks for her work. Connecting the product to a person is so empowering; what if we knew everyone who made everything we used, wore, or bought? It would give our possessions much more meaning.

Every item purchased is evidence that Krochet Kids is changing lives! I love knowing that women with hopes, dreams, and goals just like me are able to work their way to a better life through this amazing company.

There is power in hard work and great joy in gratitude. I love knowing that by supporting Krochet Kids, I’m not just supporting a cause. I’m joining together with wonderful women in Peru and Uganda and around the world to provide hope and happiness now and in the future. I believe all women are of immeasurable worth, and I have a special place in my heart for those women of faith and dignity who work hard for their families and their future through Krochet Kids.

Each one of us can make a difference, wherever we are, by simply lifting others and helping them reach their potential.

“When we see the effect one person can have on the lives of so many, it perhaps is no wonder that the Lord reminded us, “Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God” (D&C 18:10).” – Harold G. Hillam-

Much love,


//The Pike Weekender Bag in Natural/Plum//

//The Ridgeview Backpack in Pistachio//

//Wear For Hope Tee in White//


Hailey was the first one to introduce our family to Krochet Kids, and I have to say- I have absolutely fallen in love with it!

Everything this company stands for is truly incredible, and I love the meaning behind every article of clothing. To have a shirt hanging in my closet with a handwritten tag from an incredible woman in Peru is seriously such a one-of-a-kind experience!

Instead of it being just another shirt, headband, or bag that I own, this company and its clothing stand for so much more. There’s something chilling about wearing clothes that you know has empowered REAL people, real women, even on opposite ends of the world. I feel a deep connection with the greater mission Krochet Kids has in making and selling clothing in such a unique way.

I truly feel it an honor to have the opportunity to wear clothing made by the hands of these women who sacrifice and work to better their lives and the lives of their family’s. I’ve never had that ability to have a direct connection to express my gratitude for the clothing I wear to the very woman who made it herself. That’s so incredible!

When I wear Krochet Kids, I feel inspired and grateful to be a part of the hard work and incredible stories of women in Peru, Uganda, and other countries. Little do these women know they have inspired, motivated, and empowered me more than I will ever be able to do for them.

Us women need to stick together. We need to build each other up. Thanks to Krochet Kids I feel I can do that a little better with women around me, as well as with women around the world. What an amazing opportunity and connection! Let’s continue to live to look for ways to help the world around us and the individuals in it. That’s the best way to live life, and truly get the most out of it. And why not do it with a little bit of flair and style?!

Love you all lots! Thanks for being passionate about the same projects and companies as me and my sisters!

<3 Mandi

//Winslow Headband in Black/Nutmeg//

//Skyler Tee in Black/White//

//The Devin Bag in Natural/Plum//











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