How to be Happy and Single

Worried about your relationship status?

Trust me. We’ve all been there at some point. Living life through the single years can be trying, and oftentimes we feel like that light at the end of the tunnel is getting more and more dim. Ha! But don’t you worry! Life is a journey we are meant to enjoy, and every stage of life is essential for the experiences that will lead us to lasting and healthy relationships in the future. Here’s a few ways to be blissfully happy while you wait for your Prince Charming or good ol’ Cindy to come out of the woodwork. You’ve got this! I promise it’s coming!

Be Aware:

Be aware of who you are and who you are to the Lord. You can base your self-worth off of what God thinks of you. He knows you have so much to offer. Your Heavenly Father loves you as one of His children and has given you unique gifts, characteristics, and talents. To Him, you are incredible and your worth is priceless, and He loves you more than anyone ever could in this entire universe! So don’t let feelings of loneliness, inadequacy, fear, or discouragement take away from the potential happiness you can have on your path towards dating and marriage. You’re beautiful and wonderfully made, and you have the BEST possible companion by your side, right now- the Lord. 

Be Proactive:

Just go for it! Live the life you’ve always imagined, and start reaching for and working on those goals you have for your life. There’s no need to wait around for a relationship or a spouse to appear before you can start being adventurous. The last thing any of us want is to look back and feel like time has been wasted, or you didn’t have the chance to do everything you wanted to before the next stage of life (marriage) came along. Also, disclaimer: don’t be nervous if marriage DOES come in the middle of you reaching your goals and dreams. Your future husband or wife will only add to what you’ve already accomplished, and you’ll be able to experience more of life and the world together! I mean how fun will that be? So just go for it, and don’t wait for marriage or relationships to happen to you before you really live life. Who knows, you may meet someone on your travel adventures, or network for the business idea you want to start, or person you sit by in class as you work on your degree… just keep moving! It’ll happen!   

Be Service Oriented:

Think of how you can best serve others in your current situation. In a “Girl Defined” video I love, they talk about how the Lord can use you best in whatever stage you are in right now to accomplish His work, and for you, that might mean He can use you better single at this current moment in your life. The Lord works by small and simple things, and he helps us in His perfect, individual plans for each of us to build off of each stage to better prepare us and mold us for what’s next. Many people love you and need you today. So don’t worry about the timing, and use the many resources and hours of the day that you have as a single person to reach out to others and do the Lord’s work that He needs YOU to do. Pray and ask Him daily who you can serve and how He could best use you, and I promise He will answer, and every single day will feel so productive and satisfying. Peace and contentment from God will flow into your life.  

Be What You Want:

David A. Bednar, one of our church leaders, gave a devotional about being careful not to make a list of what the “perfect boyfriend or girlfriend” would look like. He advised that a better option for us in our journey to finding the right person, and also to help make you into the best person you can be for them, is to take that list of attributes that we want in someone else, and ask, “am I all of these things before I expect that in someone else?” What a perfect way to be ready and accomplished for when the time is right for you to meet that Mr. or Ms. Right! While doing this, you will also attract the attention from the kind of people you are looking for, and hoping to date and marry. Light attracts light, so shine bright, and trust that the Lord will bless you with someone who values the same things you do, and that He will send someone who has been working on bettering themselves and their relationship with the Lord before they meet you as well.  

Be Patient & True to You:

A quote by Dieter F. Uchtdorf says, “So often we become so focused on the finish line, that we fail to enjoy the journey.” Enjoy your free time, your development time, your pondering time, your adventure time, your sleep time, your friend time, your dating time, your travel time, and so much more! And during this phase, follow your heart and the Spirit as the Lord will guide you down the path that is best for you. For me personally, I don’t actually go on a lot of dates. It’s very, very rare. And it totally works for me! When I meet people who I’m really impressed by and really want to get to know more than a friend, then I’ll definitely consider go on a date with them, but otherwise I don’t typically date casually. I have to stay true to myself, and do what makes me feel happy and stress-free around dating. Don’t feel pressure to do what everyone else is doing, or feel like you’re going to miss out on marriage if you don’t date everyone in the world or go to every social event you’re ever invited to, or attempt online dating when it’s not natural for you! Just do what makes you feel happy- it doesn’t need to be stressful, and the right, best kind of relationships will happen naturally and in the Lord’s timing anyways. Be true to who you are as you meet other people and decide who you want to open up to.

Keep smiling, keep trying, keep working hard, and trust in the Lord! Enjoy every day of your single life, and celebrate the many relationships you have with your friends and family along the way! We love you so much, and we’re all in this together! Let us know what helps you to be happy and single, we would love to hear your advice!    

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  • I really love how you all are faith oriented and how the way you explain things can make anyone feel important. I was wondering if you would be able to provide me with some insight into your amazing photography skills (ex. what camera you use, angles). I find each and every one of you guys so amazing and you have all been great role models to me. Also, Mandi, you did a great job with this section, the video was super cute and I hope one day me and my sister will get along that well!
    Thanks for all the help,
    Age: 15

  • You make some very good points Mandi, always be true to God first than do other little things like Dating, Love the music by the way?

  • Such good advice!! I don’t hear this answer too often so it’s always so refreshing to be reminded of. I definitely think casual dating has become more of the norm and relationships in general are expected after high school and college. But sometimes our seasons of singleness are longer than others and God wants us to draw closer to Him before we meet Prince Charming. Thanks ya’ll for the video! XOXO

  • This (and the video) was really good thank you. It was cool being able to read your points and think over them. I think the real pressure from people is that you need someone. But when you say about praying for someone with the same values and that God is preparing him for me. It gives me the hope and faith to keep going and waiting on the Lord. And to wait for my Godly man. Thank you so much xx

  • Love how you started with find your worth and identity in Christ and not in whether or not you are in a relationship. The director of my college always tells us to preach the Gospel to ourselves everyday because it does just that, it reminds us of who God is, what He has done and is currently doing.

  • Loveeeed reading and watching this! You truly made me feel like I was there with you in the room talking as friends & love your jokes haha ! And you’re speaking so much truth about single life (high five Mandy!). Keep doing these Christ centered talks, love from The Netherlands!