An Autumn Playlist

Autumn is a time of pumpkin flavored desserts, cozy sweaters, football games, excessive amounts of hot chocolate, and chill music. There’s nothing better than turning on a good playlist to get you in the autumn mood, and today I’m sharing with you some of the best songs on my autumn playlist! Listen to the playlist on Spotify HERE.

My favorite autumn album of all time has to be “Black Bear” by Andrew Belle. The vibe just totally fits the feeling of this season, and every song is just so good. My favorites are ‘Pieces’, ‘Wants What it Wants’, ‘Dark Matter’, and ‘The Enemy’. I seriously have had this album on repeat every year since it came out, SO GOOD.

The Paper Kites’ music is also an excellent option for a fall playlist. My favorite songs of theirs are ‘Bloom’, ‘St.Clarity’, ‘Electric Indigo’, and ‘Revelator Eyes’. I love the chill vibes of their music, and it’s just perfect for driving in crisp autumn weather.

I don’t know why, but fall makes me want to listen to R&B ALL THE TIME. I mean, I do that anyways, but there’s something about the moodiness of R&B music that really fits with autumn. Some of my favorite R&B songs are “Don’t Think They Know” by Chris Brown, “Do You Know What You Have” by Brandy, “Stitches” cover by William Singe, “Right My Wrongs” by Bryson Tiller, “Wait” by August Alsina, and “Gone Away” by H.E.R. I could seriously go on forever about the best R&B songs out there, but I don’t want to bore y’all with my obsession.

“Fickle Game” by Amber Run is another great song to add to your playlist. It’s really great in headphones, trust me on this one!

I hope you guys have fun giving some of these songs a listen and creating your autumn playlist for 2017! Love you guys!


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  • Thanks for the great post, there’s nothing quite like a seasonal playlist, and autumn is just such a distinctive time of year! Loved Dark Matter by Andrew Belle, makes me want to go out for a long walk in wide open spaces with the song playing in my ears, there’s just something about it that gives it a soaring quality. Playlists are stories in themselves! Please keep them coming:-).