Our Story

The Sisters & Sage Story

The idea for Sisters & Sage came from the conversations we love to have while gathered around the dinner table or a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. We talk about the things we struggle with, the things that inspire us and make us happy, and the latest recipes we’ve made. We go to each other when we need advice, a listening ear, or a best friend to laugh with over something no one else would find quite as funny.

We have a second family, too, who seem to appreciate what we appreciate. People who enjoy food and family, laughter and music. We know that we’re not the only women in the world needing advice and positive, uplifting, and hopeful content. We know there are many others out there who are just like us! We’ve met you on tour, hugged you at our shows, written letters back and forth across the world, interacted with you on our YouTube channel since 2011, and forged real friendships throughout our career as musicians and over our lifetime. Those of you who listen to our music, watch our videos, and offer us support are truly part of our family. You are a great blessing to us, and we want to continue to provide for you the positivity that we all need as women living, working, and creating in today’s world. We need each other!

So grab some chocolate, sister, and read on! We hope that you will find Sisters & Sage to be a source of inspiration, fun, laughter, and happiness as we we invite you into our kitchen, conversations, and travels.